Every couple needs friends who will encourage and build them up in their marriage. The question is: are you building your marriage on principles that have stood the test of time? Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible provides biblical insights to real-life challenges.
In Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible you’ll explore couples who dealt with issues like…
• Joseph and Mary, Trusting God
• Moses and Zipporah, Respecting in-laws
• Adam and Eve, Protecting each other spiritually
• Zechariah and Elizabeth, Pain
• And more!
In addition to the group time, there are five questions for husbands and wives to discuss privately at home. Finally, each session concludes with a sample prayer to encourage husbands and wives to pray together.
Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible will help you grow together spiritually through the insightful questions for Bible study and application. It is specifically designed to help you build a Christ-centered marriage and deepen your relationship as a couple.


Our Marriage connect group meets on Sunday nights at 6pm.


Map to The Marriage Connect Group